Notes for Passengers Taipei

Rules and Regulations for Metro Taipei (According to Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation) (TRTC)

No cigarettes inside the train Only TRTC personnel are allowed inside the routes, bridges, tunnels, and other public area. Unless given permit to enter without tickets, passengers must use the ticket as a gate pass. Rules and Regulations in the Airport/Seaport Pets importer must have them vaccinated and must 10 month old Must have a veterinary certificate Must apply for an import permit, 30 days prior to the flight Must present import permit to the port authorities Passengers must be free from baggage at the first airport of Chinese Taipei

Prohibited Export

Fire Arms (explosives, guns, and other stuff that is related to military use) Pirated Movies/ Undeveloped films Gold and silver are allowed, only if not more than 625 grams Alcohol is not allowed Cigarette of not more than 5 small packs is considered as tax free Only UK, Australia, Ice land, New Zealand, and Japan is considered as rabies free Carrying of Narcotics is not allowed Toys such as gun is prohibited

VAT Refund Guidelines for Foreign Passengers

A foreigner who purchased goods in a TRS authorized store for NT$ 3,000 (VAT Inclusive Price) is entitled for a refund Goods must be presented 30 days from the date of purchased

Notice for Taxi Passengers

Schedule for taxi Reservation: 6:00 am- 11:00 pm Base fare starts at NT $ 70 (for the first 1.25 km) Rate per 250 m is 5 NTD NT $ 20 for 100 sec waiting interval

Contact Number for Complaints

2759-2677 for Taipei Public Transportation Office 1999 for Citizen Hotline is ex6888 2394- 9007 for Taipei City Police Department