How to Join Leading Taxi Companies In Taipei

General Requirements

Taiwan National ID Card Current Driver’s License Reply Paid Envelope ($25) Copy of Passport Size Photo Medical Certificate Other Examinations Physical Examination Driving Skill Test

Center Location and Schedule

Venue Taipei Office: 21, Section 4, Ba Per Rd. Contact Number 02-27630155 ext. 201-203 Venue 80, Section 5, Cheng Der Rd, Shin-Lin branch Contact Number 02-28314155 ext 325-327 Office Hours Monday- Friday (8am- 4pm)

Leading Taxi Companies In Taipei

Taiwan Taxi

Enjoy a good monetary source of income with us, as we have wide area coverage for picking passengers up.

What to Expect?

Good taxi maintenance Modernized taxi equipments and other facilities Updates through seminars about “Safety Driving” Privilege to have an open account service (no cash payment) for corporate members

Charge Rate

NT $ 0.1/ second, with free charge for the first 10 seconds

Location Taipei, Taiwan Service Hotline Telephone: 55688 Mobile Phone: 405- 88- 888

Taipei Taxi Service

For years, the company was known for its good taxi facilities and hospitable employee. That is why we are one of the most successful taxi groups here in Taipei



(Please refer to the general requirements above)

What to Expect

Long lasting taxi endurance all throughout the day. Good services from the company.

Location Taipei, Taiwan Contact Number +886-935-998-959

New Taipei City Travel

Join our travel agency team, as we cater good taxi services all over Taipei, Taiwan.


(Please refer to the general requirements above)

What to Expect

On time delivery of company’s services and other freebies.

Fare Starting Fare: NTD30 for 1.2 km Continuous Fare: NTD30 for 250m

Location 7F., No.161, Sec. 1, Taipei, Taiwan Jhongshan Rd, Taipei, Taiwan Banciao District, New Taipei, Taiwan Contact Number +886-2-2960-3456