Wheelchair/ Handicapped Transfers in Limo/ Taxis

Taipei maybe smaller when it comes to its area size compare to its neighboring country but, being small doesn’t mean that they are not capable of rendering good services, especially to the handicaps. Whenever you visit have the chance to visit Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you will surely feel what tourism means the way they accommodate their tourist. They are connected to many rent a taxi and limousine agencies that transfers guest from the airport to their respective hotels. You can reach them by calling at the following numbers: 886- 3- 398- 2143 (Terminal 1) 886- 3- 398- 3274 (Terminal 2)

Wedding Limo Packages

Taiwanese consider marriage as a sacred ceremony that needs preparation. But no one can deny that a bridal car is one of the most anticipated in the event. That’s why; wedding limo package is in demand today. Royal American Taipei Limousine provides world class limo facilities with accommodating staff. With drinks such as wine and soothing music, guest inside will surely enjoy a cozy ambiance. Providing a limo that can cater 4 to 20 persons inside, everyone is invited for an exclusive party like experience. You may contact them by dialing +1 (786) 207- 4424 for further inquiries.

Event Limousine

A limousine is not a show off of extravagance today because of the countless existing rent a car agency. That is why, in an event, a limo is just an ordinary thing, no shocking reactions. One of the business groups who provides a rent for an event limo, whether a private or public limo is Taipei Car Service. From Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Mitsubishi, all of these limo cars are available at an affordable price. They can pick you up anywhere, starting from the airport, down to the city lights of Taipei. You may contact them at: 0755 2595 1800 (local number) 0755 2594 1385 (local number) 86 755 2595 1800 (international number) 86 755 2595 1385 (international number)

Business and Corporate Meetings and Conventions

As stated earlier, Taipei is one of the business centers in Asia. That is why; it is expected for them to have infrastructures that are intended for corporate meetings and conventions. One of the well-known is Taipei International Convention Center, which is considered as an elegant place for events. They provide impressive facilities starting from food and beverage and function halls. In addition, they have a well- trained and accommodating staff. That is why it is no wonder that most of the big get together of entrepreneurs are being held here, whether it’s a local or an international occasion. You can contact them at +886 (2) 2725- 5200, or Fax them at +886 (2) 2723- 2589 for more questions. You can also visit them at 1 Hsin- Yi Rd, Sec. 5, Taipei 11049, Taiwan ROC.